Sandman :

I would like to move to the denver area and start a small recording studio. I am not looking to be huge. I would like to entertain the idea that i could make 40-50K a year recording local talent preferably in the denver area. I would like to specialize in rock/metal/alternative music. I notice that denver has a few clubs where acts like this perform. anyone from denver? can you tell me what the music scene is like?
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Lamont B :

SHOULD I START A RECORDING STUDIO or RADIO STATION IN MY DORM ROOM? Would it be much of a problem to do this..are there ways to insulate the dorm and also which would possibly make more money..Im a artist and i go to college for the first time in fall (HBCU) not prestigious morgan state any suggestions?
do you think residence life will have a problem with the music while making a recording studio..Any suggestions on how to do this
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Classdrummer44 :

I want to start recording at home in my house with my band.
Need to know what sort of recording softwares i need and equipment.
I also have a digital drum kit with a midi socket but dont have a clue how to record with it.
Any answers would really be appreciated and would really help me start off my home recording studio.

Thanks alot.

baby jane :

I know that it only started this season but I want to know if they started recording the complete song in studio in The Top 24, Top 12 or Top 10? The songs are available in iTunes but I need to know when they started recording the studio versions in full.

Nadi :

i’m not talking instruments and mixers, i’m talking education and all the strings that are attached. how does a studio get big names like P!nk and Kelly Clarkson??

would it help if i interned at a radio station???

nomad_is_the_one :

He and his friends want to record . There are good kids .And I want to do something for them so they can stay out of trouble.Everything will be at my house so me and my wife can keep them busy with the equipment. Thanks
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Ian :

How much is it to start a recording studio?? Just general Thanks

Matt M :

My friends and i have a semi-pro recording studio there are several questions i have.

1. Where is an ideal location to have one??
2. How should the layout of the studio look??
3. If you have any other tips for having one please type it down.

A.T.G :

i really really wanna start recording music and i have no idea what all i need. i dont know how to sound proof the room i dont no the sound boards i would need how many speakers i dont know any of it. can someone plz help me?

Jo :

i want to know how to become someone who works in a music recording studio or somene along the lines of music journalism. im starting college in sept and taking music, music tech and media studies. i need some advise on who i should get involved with and who i should contact during my time at college so i can get involved in doing that/those careers….PLEASE HELP =[