What do i need to start a small recording studio?


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Sandman :

I would like to move to the denver area and start a small recording studio. I am not looking to be huge. I would like to entertain the idea that i could make 40-50K a year recording local talent preferably in the denver area. I would like to specialize in rock/metal/alternative music. I notice that denver has a few clubs where acts like this perform. anyone from denver? can you tell me what the music scene is like?
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Money, money and more money…


And luck. And persiverence. And courage.
And more…


Jed M

for starters you need a multi-track mixer soundboard, 12 track minimum fully digital,good recording equiptment (mics efx ect.)a good sound proof large room ,good monitors . Charge about 135.00 an hr. good luck!

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