How do you start a professional recording studio?

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Matt M :

My friends and i have a semi-pro recording studio there are several questions i have.

1. Where is an ideal location to have one??
2. How should the layout of the studio look??
3. If you have any other tips for having one please type it down.

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1. You need a confirmed loud noise space where you won’t be getting complaints from neighbors, and accordingly, you need to not have any outside noise coming into your space.

2. You want a ‘live room’ where full bands or orchestral, or choruses, or a grand piano would play, and you’d get a great room sound. ideally a nice spacious wood living room with some nice light coming in but not too much glass. You want that room not to have any noticeable echoes like a parking garage would have. It has to sound warm and very slightly reverberant. Then you need a walled off control room, ideally completely sound isolated but with a double pained ‘line of sight’ window to the band. This way your control room speakers and your headphones will provide you with exactly what the mics are picking up, not you hearing the band through the wall. Finally you need a dead room, or iso booth, which is a closet kind of space with tons of soundproofing on every surface. This is for vocals usually so you hear only the source of the sound and zero echo. It’s hard to record vocals without bleed from other instruments in the background messing it up. Vocals need compression usually because people’s voices vary in volume a lot more than other instruments, and if you compress a vocal track with backround music, the background music cuts in and out with the compression filter, and it sounds bad so use the iso booth for vocals. For a typical band recording, you’d have the band play together, for that rocking cohesion in the live room, but without vocals. After that is recorded, have the singer overdub the vocs, or two people doing the backing vocals, etc. in the iso booth. The guitarist can overdub his solo in there as well, or in the live room.

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