I want to start recording my songs with high quality sound, what equpiment do i need?

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im starting to record, but i dont know what kind of equipment i need to record my raps with, i want it to sound high quality like in the studio, something to record my voice with a high quality sound

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To start off: It depends. What are you recording to? The most common format is digital files for the computer. To get the kind of high fidelity sound we get in the studio, you don’t really need as much as you might think. The basics, of course, would be a good microphone (not a computer mic), a pro-sound card like and M-Audio or Echo or similar level device, and a digital audio workstation software like Cubase, Sonar, or Ableton (each has its own pros and cons; try the demos and pick which one you like best, then get the full version). To record well, you’ll also have to take into account room acoustics, that is, the quality of sound in the room you’re recording in. For example, if you recorded in a concert hall, you’ll hear much more reverberation than you would if you were recording in a padded room.

Solely recording your voice in high def isn’t going to make your song or your voice sound good as a final product. You will likely add background music, and that changes the ballgame. First off, to add background instruments, you’ll need good VSTi’s, or Virtual Studio Technology Instruments. These are virtual synths, samplers, etc that can be used inside your audio software. VSTs are far superior to synths and sounds built into amateur programs like GarageBand, FruityLoops, or Reason. I highly recommend the LinPlug Albino 3 as it is one of the most versatile VSTis on the market. Once you add other instruments, you’ll have sounds that conflict with the frequencies occupied by your voice. This often throws off mixing/equalization, arguably the most essential part of producing any kind of EDM, be it hip-hop, trance, or techno. Not to mention, your voice alone may require tuning or modifications (no voice is recorded perfect; use the VST effect AutoTune or a similar VST effect to fix up your rapping). If you don’t mix your song properly, it’s going to sound muddy or hard on the ears one way or another when the volume is turned up. One difficult aspect is the fact that while you produce your track, it may sound absolutely perfect to you. But once you compare it to pro tracks, it will sound considerably worse or the mixing will be off such that you might not notice that it is in fact defective. Have your friends listen to it, compare widely to professional tracks, and get yourself a copy of the Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, our “bible” if you will. Mixing and, later, mastering is what, in the end, contributes significantly to audio quality. It is also one of the primary criteria that separate an amateur production from a professional sounding production.

Those are the bare essentials for your production. Read widely. Different sources will give you different opinions; find what works for you. Contrary to popular belief, hip-hop/rap beats, techno, and trance are not easy to produce. You don’t learn to record and produce overnight, but with hard work, creativity, and an open mind, you can turn out an outstanding production.

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