What is a list of things i would need to start a recording studio?


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i really really wanna start recording music and i have no idea what all i need. i dont know how to sound proof the room i dont no the sound boards i would need how many speakers i dont know any of it. can someone plz help me?

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Knowledge, go to school , get a job at a actual recording studio

Spencer R

If you’re just looking to record your own music, then I would suggest finding someone who’s gone to school and knows what they’re doing to just record for you, rather than spending money to go to school and learn how to do it and getting equipment (that stuff can cost you thousands upon thousands, believe me). It will definitely be a lot easier that way.
Hope that helped!


go to a music store and tell them what you have and want to do
they will set you up with what you really need vs what you really dont need , the older the seller the more they know about the software
look for the guy whos in his 40s to 60


Computer, high quality recording program (like protools), great ear, place to record (2 rooms are better than 1), microphones (several), cables (lots), headphones, knowledge, Good quality speakers, second set of speakers, keyboards, instruments, patch bays, money to buy anything you might need for the studio, desk, chair, contractor and designer to build and design your studio with proper acoustics.
I work in two recording studios and have a home setup. One studio is over $100K, the second studio is around $15k. My home studio (which I only use for midi – I don’t actually do live recording there) is around $2k.

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